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GIRLS University Summer Camp

We are a 7-8 week summer camp program for all girls. We have a variety of activities and learning experiences for our girls. We have a week of college tours that have included trips to Lincoln University, UMSL, Harris Stowe State University, SIUE and Washington University. Some of weekly activities include swimming, cooking, photography, jewelry making, drawing, yoga, chess, dance, financial literacy, creative writing, book publishing and more.

We expose our girls to entrepreneurship, arts, and more. Our girls are introduce to people that own and operate their our businesses and work with them on ways to start their own business. Our girls are also exposed to life learning experience. In 2017, our girls took a trip to Memphis to experience the historical museum and history in Memphis.

All our staff volunteer their time and talents to share with the girls. Our photographer have been with us for 2 years, our dance and jewelry instructor have been with us for 3 years, our financial literacy instructor has been with us 2 years and our cooking instructor has been with us for 2 years. All these ladies will return for our upcoming 4th year of camp.


GIRLS University 4- 2019

We will have our 4th Annual GIRLS University Summer Camp at Greater St. Mark Church located at 9950 Glen Owen. Our camp will begin June 10-August 2, 2019. You can request registration form for your daughter by sending an email to

GIRLS University 3- 2018

Last summer we were at St. Vincent Home for Children located at 7401 Florissant Road.  Summer camp will began June 4, 2018 and our last day was July 27, 2018.

GIRLS University 2- 2017

Year 2 we had our 2nd Annual GIRLS University Summer Camp At Greater St. Mark, located at 9950 Glen Owen. We started camp on June 5, and ran until July 28, 2017.

Summer  2016

The GIRLS summer camp is a shorten version of the after-school program.  We discuss our 5S’s (self-esteem, self-respect, self-confidence, self-worth and self-awareness).  Some of our other topics includes social media, self-image, communication on social media, alcohol/drug abuse, character education, dealing with emotions/feelings, dare to be different and embracing individuality.  The girls have weekly field trips, outdoor activities, more guest speakers, and breakfast, lunch, and a snack is included.

Our girls learn about entrepreneurship. We have volunteers that come and teach the girls about photography, jewelry making, drawing, poetry, cooking, book publishing and more. All this skills can be used to start and run a business.

This summer camp was the first of its kind in the St. Louis area.  This camp featured a week long trip of college tours.  The girls went to visit Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Mo., Regency Beauty College in St. Charles, Mo., Harris Stowe State University, Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville and Lindenwood University in St. Charles Mo.

Some of the field trips included a trip to Sky Zone, Sports Fusion, The St. Louis Zoo, weekly swimming,  over night hotel party, kite flying, Grant Farms,  St. Louis County Parks, Ferguson Library, and St. Louis Science Center!

Some of the activities included stepping, dancing, ice skating, tye dying, all female career day, talent show, double dutch jumping, water ballon fights,  bounce house, manicures with mom, and indoor tag.



What we’ve accomplished:



A very successful first year with great plans for the second year.  Both parents and participants were pleased with the program.



Continued contact with 100% of the girls from the summer camp program.



80% of the girls from the first year of summer camp will return for the second year.

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