Self-Esteem, Leadership, Focus, Integrity & Education!

Selfie is an all girls after-school program that continues to follow the mission of the organization.  We focus on 8 main topics: Self-esteem, hygiene, team building, community service, relationships/friendships, conflict resolution/girl drama, character education/legacy, and etiquette.

Students are given a pre-test and post-test to rate their feelings about themselves.  Students are challenged to name positive aspects about themselves and others.  Students also discuss some of the challenges they have while in a classroom and how to overcome some of those issues.  

Some of our learning activities include journaling, listing positive traits, behaviors to change, setting goals and my reasons for being me!  These lessons allow the girls to think about themselves, their actions, their future and their goals.  

Some of our fun activities include cross the line, selfie dining, bowling with friends, making tote bags, manicures with moms, SELFIE drawing, Inside vs Outside and more!  The girls take SELFIES to  express how they are feeling that day.  The girls also use a journal to track the activities, the lesson, and the progress they are making.




Moline Elementary

City Academy


School Year


Summer Bradley



Our after-school program have many components to the foundation.  We allow community partners to come and speak with the girls about life skills and life decisions.  We have had a nurse to come and speak to the girls about hygiene.  We have had entrepreneurs come and speak to the girls about starting and running their own business.  The after-school program is slowly taking off and adding more substance to the foundation of this organization.  

The after-school program is designed to help students with some of the problems and concerns they may face throughout the school year.  The after-school program is a a longer version of the summer program and it allows students to spend more time on each of the main 8 topics.  The after-school program is for students in the 2nd-9th grade.  The program also includes mentoring and tutoring.  


What we’ve accomplished:



The 2015-2016 school year, The after-school program reached more than 50 girls!  This was the first year.



We are adding more activities to the after-school program.  Our next goal is to add another school to the after-school program.



In the 2016-2017 school year we have reached more than 50 girls in the after-school program!  Our goal is to enroll at least 75!