Esteem is the word frequency program that allows students to earn haircuts and hairstyles for learning their grade level frequency words.  The Esteem program is one of the newest programs to the organization.  It allows students to focus on their academics to help improve their self-esteem.  As students increase their reading level reading level and frequency words, they become comfortable with reading more and be verbal in the classroom setting.  Teachers are able to see some improvements and offer encouragement to the students.  Parents are able to see the results of the program as well as save money on haircuts and hairstyles!


In a study commissioned by Physique researchers at Yale University found that "bad hair days" impact self-doubt and personal criticism. Dr Marianne LaFrance says "even more fascinating is our finding that individuals perceive their capabilities to be significantly lower than others when experiencing bad hair."

One of the most interesting findings of the study was that bad hair days had a dramatic impact on performance self-estem. Experience of a bad hair day caused study participants to feel less smart and less capable at performing tasks in which they were normally competent.



Goals we have set:



Increase the reading levels of participants.



Build relationships with community partners while continuing to increase self-esteem in students.



Work with more schools to introduce the program to students who are in need of improving Galileo scores and MAP testing scores.